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The Injured Athletes Club

Mar 25, 2021

“There's this feeling when you feel like you could fly and when you're that fit, when you're that peaked. For me it was always being out in nature, being out on the trails, being connected with the land. And when you can't do that because you're in continual chronic pain—that was a travesty. That's the piece of me...

Mar 18, 2021

“What's better, focusing on something different than sports and thus dealing with the feeling of losing contact to one's sport and one's team? Or on the flip side, rehabbing all day and substituting every former training session with a cross training session?”


This week, co-host and mental skills coach Carrie...

Mar 11, 2021

“It was like being a part of a book and finally figuring out the cause of all the pain, the cause of the injuries. Everything started coming together. Just thinking back, I had to ask myself, how in the world did I continue to play?”


ShaRae Mansfield was a superstar on the court during her four years at Western...