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The Injured Athletes Club

May 19, 2022

“I know, at some point, I'll feel better, I'll be in a better position. And if there's any chance that I can get back to the level of fitness that I was at before, I don't want to be the one that's holding myself back from doing that.”


In 2020, despite the disruptions associated with the pandemic, British triple jumper Shanara Hibbert was coming off her best season yet. She’d stepped away from her full-time job to focus more on athletics, set personal bests three times, and won two silver medals at national championships, one indoor and one outdoor.


“Coming into 2021, I was thinking, okay, I can just build on this. And hopefully, we'll get a proper fall season,” she said.


But instead, on Feb. 20, she was jumping in the final round at the British Athletics European Indoor Selection Trials when she heard a pop. She thought it was her foot striking the take-off board—but it turns out, she’d ruptured her Achilles.


Waves of emotions, surgery, and a year of recovery later, Shanara—who’s also a mindset coach—joins us on the show this week to talk about how she navigated the setback and her recovery. She found our book Rebound early in the process, and walks us through how—with exercises within it, and many other tools and resources—she managed the roller-coaster of rehab to give herself the best shot at a full rebound in the future.


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