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The Injured Athletes Club

May 5, 2022

“A surgery doesn't just fix you physically, it also does help you a bit mentally. The injury gives you that time to stop, in a way. It’s not always appreciated at the time, but you look back, and it was actually quite good to have stopped and kind of reset and be like, right, this is what I want to do—because of how much you miss it.”  

Her untapped talent at asking for help. The limits of her patience—and how they weren’t as hard and fast as she’d believed. And, the depth of her commitment to her sport. Scottish pro golfer Hannah McCook learned a lot about herself in the year it took her to recover from hip surgery. 


Somewhere in the midst of this comeback, she found our book Rebound and the Injured Athletes Club podcast. Now, she’s on the show herself to share the lessons from her recovery—the mental skills, techniques, and mindset shifts that got her through the darker moments.


Hannah has been golfing since age 6, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8, and became a professional athlete in 2019. She discussed how having a chronic condition both prepared her for and complicated her injury recovery; the way she rejected comparisons and embraced her own timeline; and how the whole experience has transformed her, as an athlete and a human.


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