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The Injured Athletes Club

Apr 29, 2021

My question is about how to create habits to get the daily prehab/rehab exercises done. 

This is always my struggle - I never manage to keep it up super consistently and struggle to find ways to fit stuff in and do it every single day. (Currently I need to rehab an ankle, but I really need a daily foam rolling habit too.)


This week, co-host and mental skills coach Carrie Jackson answers a question from listener Penny W. What admissions does Carrie make about her own rehab habits—and how does she get herself back on track, and recommend others do so, too?


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A huge thank you to our sponsors for this episode: Fluid Running and ProStretch. Fluid Running makes it possible to maintain your peak physical fitness even when you're injured through the power of deep water running. And ProStretch offers uniquely designed products to stretch and massage muscles easier and more effectively than conventional methods. Listen for special discount codes in the episode!


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