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The Injured Athletes Club

Mar 23, 2023

“How can you navigate injury when living alone? An initial challenge for me was being alone (no spouse, boyfriend) and close friends not in the same city. Realize this is not the case for most.


One of the biggest issues was physical navigation of surroundings on crutches, no one to help, which leaves one feeling very frustrated initially. The other is an enhanced sense of isolation because nobody is there to obtain feedback, throw water on any emotional fire or otherwise provide distraction, fill air time or offer security. Ironically, being alone provides a buffer from unwanted comments.”



This week, co-host and mental skills coach Carrie Jackson answers a question from listener Jennifer, who’s navigating injury while living alone on her own and wondering how to get the support she needs as she recovers.


In her response, Carrie recounts the story of a German shepherd named Ducky, a broken ankle, and a community coming together. She explains some of the most common barriers to reaching out for the help you need, and how to overcome them.


And, she reminds all the injured athletes out there that no matter what, you’re never alone; the Injured Athletes Club is here for you anytime.


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