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The Injured Athletes Club

Mar 2, 2023

"It was one of those that was like, injury leading to injury, and it was strange for me because in my over 20 years as an elite level athlete, I've never had really bad injuries. I've always been one—even though I used to train really hard—I was resilient. I would get niggles and things like that, but I never dealt with anything this big and had it set me back this much. So it really challenged me. I'd say, not just physically, but really on the mental side as well.”


After the 2018 Commonwealth Games—where she took home a bronze medal and broke multiple South African records—weightlifter Mona de Lacey Pretorius felt like nothing could stop her forward momentum. Her longtime dream, to compete at the Olympics, felt destined to become a reality.


But the road leading up to the Games was far more winding than she could have ever expected, including injuries, a pandemic, and travel challenges and restrictions that tested her limits more than any barbell ever had.


Mona talks us through it all on this week’s episode, including the dramatic conclusion—listen to hear more. She also explains why, though she’s a mental coach herself, she reached out to a sport psychologist for support. And, she tells us how her experiences have fueled every aspect of her career and the rest of her life (since this recording, she’s become a new mom!).




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