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The Injured Athletes Club

Sep 1, 2022

“What's the best way to remain confident and advocate for yourself when the medical system doesn't seem to be working for you? Recovering from this stress fracture, I've had a number of instances of having to push back. First there was the surgeon I went to for a second opinion who told me I didn't need surgery—but that my body was trying to tell me "something," namely that I'm not a gazelle and I should probably stop running long distances. Then there was the primary care doc who said she couldn't order thyroid tests, instead shaming me for not making an appointment with the specialist (whose office took three months to return my calls). I have a great support system and several doctors and PTs who've been wonderful, but it's still hard on some days to weather these bumps in the road and persist in getting the care I believe I need to recover fully, whatever I decide to do with my running in the future.”



This week, co-host and mental skills coach Carrie Jackson answers a question from a listener—or, more accurately, from her co-host! 


She begins by commiserating about the sometimes-unintentional callousness of medical providers, but then provides actionable advice, including phrases to keep in your back pocket for difficult encounters. And, she reassures Cindy and everyone else that they’re worthy of support, even if they have to advocate fiercely to receive it.


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