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The Injured Athletes Club

Apr 28, 2022

“I am a cyclist and do triathlons every so often for fun. I had to give up running years ago after three ankle surgeries which ended with chronic stress fractures. I’ve always been told because I have cavovarus feet I will need surgery to correct, but I’ve been able to put it off. One of my ankles is currently flared up and doc says I should do the surgery on that foot now. It would mean 4 months off the bike. I really want to keep putting it off, as cycling doesn’t bother it. However, I can no longer even wear running shoes, so any sort of fast walking or hiking is currently out. I can’t decide what to do. I should also add I’m five months post-op for total hamstring avulsion reattachment surgery. The thought of starting over makes me want to die. How do I decide what to do?”


This week, co-host and mental skills coach Carrie Jackson answers a question from listener Whitney. Carrie gives advice on how to make decisions when none of the options seems great, why there’s hardly ever a “perfect” time to have surgery, and how to Go FAR—feel, accept, recover—at this crucial stage of the recovery process.


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