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The Injured Athletes Club

Oct 10, 2019

Anyone who’s met Carrie Tollefson, seen her covering running events on national broadcasts, or listened to her podcast C Tolle Run would likely describe her as a positive person. She’s known for both her Minnesota kindness and her optimistic tagline, “Get after it.”


But her athletic career was, as she puts it, “not all happy, happy, joy, joy.” Along the way, she had a number of serious setbacks, including a cancer scare when she was still in college at Villanova, years of plantar fasciitis, and a painful abdominal injury that eventually required an extensive repair procedure.


The fact that she came back from these injuries to secure a total of five NCAA championships, a spot on the Olympic team in Athens in 2004, and a long-term career covering the sport prompted us to interview her for our book Rebound—and then to follow up with her again on the podcast. 


Carrie joined us today to discuss:

  • How runners tend to view injuries, and how she’d always come back stronger (5:50)
  • The major, unusual injury that almost ended her career before it truly began—and how it changed her entire life (8:12)
  • How she cross-trained when she couldn’t put any weight on her foot or even get into the water (14:13)
  • The powerful mindset shift that increased her gratitude during her recovery process (17:05)
  • The painful moment that led to her second major injury—one she had to aggressively manage during the Olympics (21:14)
  • How she navigated injuries with her sponsors (30:18)
  • Whether her positivity comes naturally to her or if she actively works on it (34:19)
  • What she’s learned about mindset and injury from watching and interviewing other top runners (38:51)
  • How two injuries—one real, one invented—played a role in her husband Charlie’s proposal (41:03)
  • The biggest pieces of advice she gives athletes competing right now on mindset and injury (44:43)


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