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The Injured Athletes Club

Apr 11, 2024

“I am a cyclist. I have had multiple surgeries for an injury that occurred 2.5 years ago. Things are going downhill again, and it looks like I’m going to be faced with a third major surgery. If I do have this surgery, there is a good chance I will not be able to ride a bike again, even recreationally. I am completely heartbroken. I remember the beginning of this journey when I thought 6 weeks non-weight bearing and 6 months to recovery sounded insurmountable. I can’t believe that I’m still here and still in pain. I feel like I’m drowning and I need help navigating what is becoming a deep depression. How do I find a therapist who will understand how huge this loss is and can help me through it?”


Life, inevitably, will throw rapids your way. What could happen when you stop fighting the current and instead move in the direction of your challenges?


In this Q&A episode, Coach Carrie addresses a question from Reese, a cyclist faced with the potential end of their cycling career. Coach Carrie conveys empathy for Reese's situation, encourages the practice of resilience, and emphasizes the importance of finding a suitable therapist, ideally a sports psychologist familiar with athletes' mindset and challenges. 


Coach Carrie uses the analogy of rafting through rapids to talk about labeling and accepting your emotions. She discusses the benefits of journaling, and the importance of taking one day at a time to avoid overwhelming anxiety about the future. Furthermore, Coach Carrie provides detailed advice on finding a qualified sports psychologist or mental performance consultant, distinguishing between their roles, and ensuring a good fit for effective therapy.



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