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The Injured Athletes Club

Mar 28, 2024

“ How can you deal with anxiety not of a specific reinjury, but a more generalized fear about your sport being taken away from you again? That fear does help me appreciate what I have now that I'm running again, but also makes disruptions to my training or race plans—whether from how I'm feeling physically, or work/life stress—harder to deal with. How can I cope?”


In this episode of The Injured Athletes Club podcast, mental skills coach Carrie Jackson answers a question from Emily regarding handling the anxiety associated with the potential permanent loss of her sport due to repeated injuries. 


In her response, she describes common fears athletes face during injury recovery, emphasizing not just the fear of re-injury but the broader, more generalized fear of losing access to their sport altogether. 


To manage these anxieties, Coach Carrie underscores the importance of mindfulness and the practice of staying present. Becoming hyper-aware of the previously injured part of the body can trigger stress responses based on past experiences, she says. But shifting one's mindset toward acceptance and focusing on what is within your control, today, can ease your mind and help you move forward.


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