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The Injured Athletes Club

Mar 21, 2024

“Instead of being mean to myself and saying, ‘You’ve got nothing else outside of running,’ I said, ‘Look at all the other multi-faceted things you are. You are a son, you are a brother, you're a business owner. Humans are multi-faceted; you have an identity outside this sport. The sport may have helped you find more of your authenticity, but you're not bound to this sport. It's only a piece of the puzzle, a part of your identity.”


When Merrell Professional Athlete Aum Gandhi first started running six years ago, he barely went a quarter of a mile—and he describes it now as “the most nauseating, grueling experience ever.” But something compelled him to do it again, and again, and again. Now, he’s regularly conquering distances of 200 miles and more.


All that has taken him incredible places, including to the helm of endurance-sports publication Run Tri Bike; to that professional contract with Merrell; and as a key fundraiser for the Richstone Family Center. Several years later, however, all that came into question at mile 235 of a 240-mile race, when a hip injury forced him to make a huge decision about whether to continue. 


Hear how Aum harnessed his inner coach to rebound from that injury and redefine his relationship to running; how the everyday athletes he profiles on Run Tri Bike inspire him; what he gains from his relationship with kids at the Richstone Family Center who are also overcoming trauma; and his advice for the ultrarunner in all of us.




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