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The Injured Athletes Club

Mar 14, 2024

“ How can you let go of the injury? Sometimes when you spend a long time with a chronic injury, it shapes how you move, plan, and think about life and your body. How do you let go when the time has come?”


In the seventh season of The Injured Athletes Club podcast, mental skills coach Carrie Jackson answers a question every other week about the mental side of overcoming injuries. 


This week, Coach Carrie delves into the complex issue posed by listener Cecile on letting go of the identity formed around a chronic injury. She points out how this attachment can make the transition to recovery a mental challenge. 


Carrie underscores the importance of reflection to identify what specifically hinders the letting-go process. It could be fear, resignation, or the perks that come with being in an injured state, known as secondary gains. To work through this, Carrie suggests a mental training drill titled 'stop, start, continue,’ which prompts individuals to list actions they need to start or stop to aid their recovery, alongside activities they should keep in their repertoire. 



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